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The South African Life Healthcare group is trying to sell Scanmed, reports Puls Biznesu. This could be a record deal on the Polish private healthcare market.

Branch investor or private equity fund?

Life Healthcare already considered selling Scanmed last year, but now these plans are taking shape. The largest private medical companies in Poland, such as LUX MED, Medicover or PZU, have the appropriate scale of operations to take over Scanmed. All three companies have been very active recently in terms of acquisitions, as we have written more about here.

According to Puls Biznesu, private equity funds may also be interested in the acquisition. Among potential investors are Advent, Fosun, Oaktree, Waterland and Mid Europa Partners. In general, the Polish private healthcare market has been consolidating intensively in recent years. There are no longer many large players left who may be potential targets for acquisitions. Other companies that may change ownership include Nu-Med’s oncology diagnostics and treatment facilities (Enterprise Investors wants to sell them) and a network of Diagnostic Laboratories owned by Mid Europa Partners.

Scanmed – an important player in the outpatient and inpatient

Life Healthcare invested in Scanmed in 2014. After a change of ownership (formerly a Black Lion fund), the company significantly increased its business through acquisitions. It acquired, among others, a gastroenterology centre in Lublin, a sports medicine clinic Sport Klinik (Zory) and the Polska Grupa Medyczna, owner of cardiology centres. The last few years in Scanmed have been marked by consolidation and integration, and the network has not made any more acquisitions.

Currently Scanmed operates in both the hospital and outpatient segments. However, the scale of its operations is smaller than that of the largest private medical companies. The company operates a dozen or so multi-specialist clinics, cardiological clinics and specialist clinics (orthopaedic, ophthalmology, gastrology). It also owns a dozen or so hospital facilities, including the multi-specialist Szpital sw. Rafala in Krakow and the Szpital im. Rudolfa Weigela in Blachownia. The company, in a joint venture with CMP, has also operated outpatient clinics for students of Akamedik in Warsaw, but these have recently been taken over by CMP.

And what will the private healthcare market in Poland look like in 2020-2021? This will be discussed by practitioners during the PMR Private Healthcare 2021 Forum on 19 March 2020. More information here.

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