LUX MED Group invests in the private hospital segment


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LUX MED Group, the largest private operator of medical facilities in Poland, will take over Centrum Medyczne Mavit Sp. z o.o. This is another investment of the group in the segment of private hospitals. This time it concerns ophthalmology facilities.

Acquisition of two private hospitals by the LUX MED Group

Centrum Medyczne Mavit is the operator of an ophthalmic hospital and diagnostic centre in Warsaw and operates a specialist hospital in Katowice, where ophthalmology, maxillofacial surgery and laryngology services are provided. The seller is the Resource Partners fund, which acquired a majority stake in the acquired company in 2010. The Mavit facilities employ a total of more than 100 physicians.

LUX MED Group in the hospital segment

It is worth noting that this is another investment of LUX MED Group in the hospital segment. For example, at the beginning of 2017 the group opened an oncological hospital Elblaska Magodent in Warsaw. Before the transaction, the LUX MED Group owned six hospitals in Warsaw and Lodz and a hospital ward in Belchatow.

“This transaction fits perfectly into the integrated model of coordinated health care in which LUX MED operates and complements our current hospital care offer. This is another important step in the development of the group, which will enable us to provide modern and highly specialised services in the fields of ophthalmology, laryngology and maxillofacial surgery.” – comment by the President of the LUX MED Group, quoted in the ISBnews press release.

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