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Telemedicine is also entering into dentistry. LUX MED Stomatologia has introduced Straumann’s DenToGo technology to its offer. This solution allows for remote assessment of health and oral hygiene using a smartphone equipped with a dedicated application, coupled with a data cloud and an artificial intelligence algorithm operating in it.

LUX MED wants to go from the office to the patient

The technology is currently in the pilotage phase, which is carried out among the employees of the LUX MED Group who have a dental subscription. – Ultimately, it will be available to all willing patients, regardless of their medical subscription version. We plan to go out with the service in the first quarter of this year  – says Daniel Petryczkiewicz, Dentistry Development Director in the LUX MED Group, in an interview with PMR.

The technology will primarily be used in screening, dental prevention, as well as in orthodontics and early detection of gum disease (periodontology). It is supposed to be an introduction to diagnostics and awareness of patient’s oral health needs. – We want to “go from office to patient”. We will come to the company, which is our client, and in its headquarters, in comfortable conditions for the employee, we will perform a diagnostic scan. The image will go to the cloud, where artificial intelligence algorithms will transform it into an accessible form of report for the doctor and the patient – describes Daniel Petrykiewicz.

DenToGo will reduce the fear of a dental chair?

The examination report will be e-mailed to the patient, together with the doctor’s comment. It will present the state of oral health and the patient’s needs in terms of hygiene and treatment. The report will be in the form of both comprehensible colour codes and descriptive information with photos attached.

We are introducing a solution whose operating model will permanently change the way we perceive dental care. The breakthrough of the method consists, among other things, in disenchantment with the fear of a dental chair that patients have. In order to make an initial diagnosis of the condition of the oral cavity, the patient or the patient will not have to physically sit on this chair at all – and for many of them this is already a source of stress! – concludes the Director of Dental Development at LUX MED Group.

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