LUX MED opens a medical marijuana clinic

medyczna marihuana

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LUX MED Group, one of the largest private medical companies in Poland, has announced the launch of a medical marijuana clinic. The clinic will be located in Warsaw.

Medical marijuana legal since 2017

Medicines and extracts from medical marijuana have become legal in Poland thanks to the 2017 regulations. However, they did not appear on the Polish market until January 2019. Medical marijuana can be used, among other things, to treat chronic pain, neurological diseases, mental disorders and sleeping problems, as well as cancer. Marijuana relieves pain, improves sleep and overall quality of life. In Poland the target group of patients in need of cannabis therapy is about 300,000 people.

The medical marijuana clinic launched by LUX MED will be located in the Group’s hospital on Pulawska Street in Warsaw. Its launch is scheduled for April. It is intended to offer support to those patients in whom standard forms of pharmacological treatment have not brought the expected results. The outpatient clinic will have an individualised treatment plan, monitoring of therapy progress, as well as access to a doctor between visits.

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  2. Hello.
    My name is Fred Krist. I live in Lublin and wondering how I could obtain medical marijuana. I had AML a few years ago I had 4 rounds of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant and suffer from chronic muscle cramps in most of my body. I’ve been taking Magnesium pills but they do nothing and looking to try medical marijuana. Do any of the Luxmed clinics in Lublin sell medical marijuana?
    Thank you for your time

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