Another hospital in the LUX MED Group

szpital świętej elżbiety mokotowskie centrum medyczne

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St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Mokotowskie Centrum Medyczne Sp. z o.o. has joined the LUX MED Group. This is another investment of the group in the segment of private hospitals.

St Elizabeth’s Hospital with a long history

The hospital has almost 90 years of history. The facility operates within the area of the former Elizabeth Sisters Hospital SP ZOZ, which was removed from the KRS in 2006. In May 2013, after the revitalisation of the facility, a private investor launched a private multi-specialist hospital in this place. At the end of 2019, 57% of the hospital’s share capital was held by DIM SA and 43% by IDS-BUD SA. In 2019, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Mokotowskie Centrum Medyczne Sp. z o.o. achieved sales revenue of PLN 14.9m, which means an increase of over 15% year on year.

Currently, the facility employs over 230 specialists, has over 140 beds and 5 operating rooms. Patients are admitted to 14 hospital wards and over 20 specialist clinics. The hospital is equipped with modern equipment, including imaging diagnostics devices (e.g. MRI, CT, mammograph). The facility provides services under contract with the NFZ and FFS. The hospital’s treatment and educational centres specialise in proctology, bariatry, plastic surgery, microecology, spinal diseases and NanoKnife technology.

LUX MED Group strengthens its position in hospitality

– The addition of St Elizabeth’s Hospital to the LUX MED Group is an important stage in our dynamic development of hospitals. The most important goal for us is to provide full and modern healthcare to our patients. St. Elizabeth’s Hospital responds perfectly to these needs, offering comprehensive care – full diagnostics and treatment. This facility is a unique place with a great history, where outstanding specialists work – I am proud that we can write its next chapters together – commented Anna Rulkiewicz, President of the LUX MED Group.

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