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According to the official information of the Centre of Health Information Systems (CSIOZ), the e-health Centre will build new e-services available on the Patient’s Internet Account, including: ordering e-prescriptions, central e-registration and e-visits. For this purpose, PLN 120m in funding from the European Union (EU) was obtained.

Second stage of the e-health Centre project

The e-health Project (P1), which has been implemented by the e-health Centre since February 2017, aims to build an electronic platform of public health services allowing to improve the processes related to planning and implementation of health services, monitoring and reporting on their implementation, access to information about the services provided and publishing information in the area of health care.

In the next stage of the work of the e-health Center, the following services are to be launched: ordering e-prescriptions, central e-registration and e-visits available to patients from the level of the Patient’s Internet Account. All these activities are conducive to the development of telemedicine in our country.

Financing of the P1 project

In the first stage of the e-health project (P1), the Centre used over PLN 157m. As part of this investment, a free application of the Patient’s Internet Account and the Clinic was launched, as well as an e-prescription and e-direction (the solution will be obligatory from 8 January 2021). In total, from the start of e-prescriptions until 23 July 2020, almost 290 million e-prescriptions have already been issued to over 25 million patients in Poland.

It is worth noting that the e-health Centre for the second stage of the project has obtained PLN 120m of EU funding. The Centre also continues to work on the implementation of such services as, among others, reporting of medical events and exchange of electronic medical records, the piloting of which is already starting in August this year.

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