Has the pandemic accelerated the consolidation of the dentistry services market?

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Today it was announced to the public that the Medicover group has acquired the dental clinics operating in Mlawa and Ostroda under the Centrum Usmiechu brand. This is another acquisition in this segment during the pandemic. Does this mean that the consolidation of the dentistry services market is accelerating?

Inevitable consolidation of the dentistry market

As part of the acquisition of the Centrum Usmiechu, the Medicover group acquired two new locations and enriched itself with a total of 11 surgeries, acquiring with them a team of more than thirty employees. Upper Finance supported the sale of the clinic owner. Let us remind you that during the pandemic, this is yet another acquisition of Medicover in this segment. Previously, we had written about investments in dental practices of the Dental Sense clinics in Gdansk.

The dynamics of consolidation processes in the dentistry market is stimulated by the high level of fragmentation of the sector. Therefore, during the pandemic, other players are also interested in this sector, here we should mention the LUX MED group and the widely commented acquisition made by Tar Heel fund. Let’s not forget that companies are also developing organically. For example, yesterday, the LUX MED group opened another dental facility in Lodz.

2020 as a chance for even more acquisitions?

According to PMR forecasts, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the value of the dentistry services market in Poland in 2020 will be negative. According to PMR’s latest analysis, the market, in the scenario of a sharp increase in the number of cases in autumn, which we are currently dealing with, could drop by as much as 44%, i.e. from PLN 11.3bn in 2019 to PLN 6.4bn in 2020. As a result of such an environment, some companies may decide to change ownership and operate in a larger group with a more solid financial background.

Let us remember, however, that already in 2021 there will be a revival and dynamic growth on the dentistry services market. It will be influenced mainly by the effect of low base from 2020 and partial return to normality. As a result, the dynamics of the dentistry market in Poland will record a double-digit growth rate. It may reach even 30%.

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