Krynica Vitamin to enter dietary supplements market

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Krynica Vitamin, one of the largest Polish producers of alcohol-free, low-alcohol drinks and disinfectants, has announced that it plans to spend PLN 40m on investments in 2021. The company plans to develop its offer, including entering the dietary supplements market.

Krynica Vitamin invests heavily

In 2020, Krynica Vitamin has invested PLN 16m in development. This year, according to the company’s announcements, the funds allocated for investments are to be more than doubled. A total of PLN 40m is being talked about. The company plans to acquire external financing in part. The funds will be allocated for the reconstruction of the production lines in the plant in Podlasie and the expansion of the chemical-cosmetic part in Niechcice.

The company’s investments, apart from the reconstruction of the production line, will include the construction of a co-packing hall with an area of 3,000 m2. As a result, Krynica Vitamin plans to increase employment in the co-packing department by around 80-100 people. The company is also developing a project of a modern syrup plant.

Furthermore, the company plans to allocate around PLN 10m to complete the expansion of the wastewater treatment plant. However, the decision is dependent on receiving administrative permits.

Krynica Vitamin: dietary supplements market one of the development goals

Krynica Vitamin in the chemical-cosmetic part would like to operate as a service provider for other brands and retail chains, i.e. implement a business model that has worked well in drinks.

Krynica Vitamin started its activities in this segment with disinfectants, but it is already working on creating the first cosmetic formulas and intends to introduce its products on the dietary supplements market.

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