Lecznice Citomed part of LUX MED Group

rejestracja lekarze citomed

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Yesterday, the LUX MED Group announced the acquisition of a network of outpatient facilities and a multi-specialist hospital belonging to Lecznice Citomed. The value of the transaction, which has yet to obtain UOKiK’s consent, has not been disclosed.

Second hospital acquired by LUX MED Group during the pandemic

The LUX MED Group, the largest network of private medical facilities in Poland, will acquire the Lecznice Citomed. In order to finalize the transaction, the consent of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection is also required. The acquired Lecznice Citomed include the main office in Torun, where there are 26 specialist clinics, 12 diagnostic laboratories and a multi-specialist hospital with a modern operating room. Moreover, there are 5 more outpatient clinics operating within the framework of the Lecznice Citomed – only one of which is located outside Torun, namely in Lubicz Gorny.

In total, the clinics provide medical care to nearly 90,000 patients. In total, the Citomed clinics employ nearly 500 people, including 190 doctors and 113 nurses and hygienists. It is worth noting that this is another acquisition of the LUX MED Group during a pandemic, just over a month ago we wrote about the acquisition of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.

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