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Smile Design Clinic and Ortofan Clinic in Warsaw have become part of the largest private operator of medical facilities in Poland, LUX MED Group. In both facilities, doctors specialize in digital orthodontics and apply the Ivisalign method. This is another acquisition of the company, next to Silver Dental Clinic in Piaseczno, in the dental and orthodontics segment.

Development of digital orthodontics

This is one of the few acquisitions that took place during the pandemic, which shows the sector’s great prospects for the future, although it will undoubtedly have its worst year in many years. The acquired facilities are comprehensively equipped dental clinics. They offer services in the field of surgery, conservative, cosmetic and pediatric dentistry, prosthetics, endodontics, periodontics and orthodontics. In order to develop digital orthodontics, at the beginning of 2020 the LUX MED Group purchased 10 scanners for designing a new smile. What is more, more than 30 doctors from all over Poland have obtained certificates, giving them the right to use this method. According to the information provided by the company, the solution is currently used in more than 10 dental facilities of the LUX MED group.

It is worth noting that the LUX MED group has also established a strategic cooperation with Invisalign, a company offering invisible overlays, which are an alternative to traditional braces.

LUX MED Stomatologia

The acquisition of these facilities is the implementation of a larger development strategy of LUX MED Stomatologia, which consists of three elements – the first is to build our own dental clinics, which include modern technologies, such as digital dentistry and hiring specialists specializing in the areas we want to develop, the second direction is the development of orthodontics, which is part of the highly popular trend of wellbeing and care for a healthy and pretty appearance. This specialty is the fastest growing element of the dental market, especially the so-called digital smile design. The third element of our strategy is acquisitions, i.e. taking over modern dental facilities already operating on the market – said Daniel Petryczkiewicz, Development Director of LUX MED Stomatologia, quoted in a press release at

As stated in the announcement, there are currently about 200 own dental offices and 70 medical centers within the LUX MED group‘s dental facilities.

The current trends and forecasts for the development of the dental services market will be discussed at Forum PMR Private Healthcare 2021 on 10 September.

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