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Last week, the largest private healthcare provider announced the conclusion of an agreement to acquire 55.39% of Swissmed Centrum Zdrowia. By May 2022, LUX MED wants to acquire 100% of the shares in the acquired company. The value of the transaction is estimated at PLN 37.1m.

Another important acquisition for LUX MED

On 6 July the LUX MED Group, the largest private healthcare provider in Poland, concluded an agreement to buy a 55.39% stake in Swissmed Centrum Zdrowia, which owns a private hospital in Pomerania. The seller is Bruno Hangartner, the founder of Swissmed. It expects LUX MED to increase its stake in the company to 66% by the end of 2021 and to 100% by 15 May 2022.

The acquired facility is located in Gdansk and has an area of around 8,000 sqm. The Swissmed Hospital is a multi-specialist hospital with 80 beds and five operating theatres. Swissmed was founded in 1996 and listed its shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange eight years later. In 2018, the company sold to LUX MED its subsidiary Swissmed Prywatny Serwis Medyczny SA, which provides outpatient healthcare.

The acquisition of Swissmed is another transaction LUX MED has made recently. Not long ago we wrote about the acquisition of HIFU Clinic here.

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