Medicover Stomatologia: 100 dental surgeries gained through acquisitions

Dental Sens Medicover Stomatologia grupa ludzi

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The nationwide network of dental surgeries Medicover Stomatologia has announced the acquisition of a dental centre from Gdansk. As part of the acquisition, the Dental Sense clinic joined the network. Does this mean that in the era of a pandemic the market of dental services is developing?

„Medicover Stomatologia attracts with its ambitious vision of Polish dentistry”

At the beginning of October, the Medicover Stomatologia network was joined by dental surgeries of Dental Sense Clinic in Gdansk. They have two locations in Gdansk. This is yet another acquisition of the company in recent years. In total, as part of the acquisitions, Medicover acquired 11 dental centres. With these acquisitions, the network has already become the operator of 100 dental surgeries in Poland.

It is worth noting that Dental Sense specialists use Digital Smile Design technology. It is a tool which not only allows to see the final effect even before the start of therapy, but also helps to design a smile taking into account the patient’s facial expressions and features.

– Today, dental centres must be focused on the needs and expectations of patients who want to get involved in the treatment process, look for different solutions and are open to using advanced and innovative therapy methods – stresses Wioletta Januszczyk, Managing Director of Medicover Stomatologia.

Dentistry in Poland: we expect further acquisitions

Despite the pandemic, the dental services market is consolidating. Earlier we had written about acquisitions in this area by the LUX MED Group and acquisition by Tar Heel Capital. Let us remind you that the aforementioned fund stated that in the perspective of 5-7 years it intends to build a nationwide dental network.

PMR estimates that in 2020 the value of the private dental services market will fall. This is one of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, which is due to the large share of FFS services and scheduled services that could be postponed. In the long term, however, it is expected to return to a dynamic growth path.

More on acquisitions and prospects for the dental services market can be read in PMR’s report entitled “Impact of coronavirus epidemic on dentistry market in Poland 2020. Scenarios and development forecasts“.

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