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Medicover nowy koncept

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Medicover Stomatologia is a network of 56 centres. The company plans 10 new openings by the end of 2021, including in Lodz, Torun, Warsaw and Gdynia. However, there is a change. The new dental centres are to be set up as part of the new “Rytual Usmiechu” concept.

Medicover Stomatologia development

Medicover Stomatologia opened 5 locations in 5 cities in 2020. In addition, the network has recently made acquisitions of 14 practices, including in Krakow, Warsaw, Katowice, Gdansk and Wroclaw. As a result, the Medicover Stomatologia portfolio comprises a total of 56 centres.

But the chain is not stopping there. Up to 10 new openings are planned by the end of 2021, including in Lodz, Torun, Warsaw and Gdynia. The centres are to be created as part of the new “Rytual Usmiechu” concept.

The expansion in the “Rytual Usmiechu” started with the opening of a new Medicover Stomatologia centre in Lodz at the end of June in the Green Horizon office building. It is worth noting that the flagship centre of the concept operates in Warsaw. Tests of new solutions are planned there to improve the formula of the concept.

„Rytual Usmiechu” in practice

The new concept is based on several pillars. First of all, patients will gain access to the Complete Smile Check. This means a new approach to preoperative diagnostics, which includes not only pantomographic X-rays but also, among other things, 3D scanning of the mouth, photographic documentation or a consultation of experts from various fields of dentistry. The new approach is also to ensure a customer service standard. Patients will be assigned a personal tutor from the very first visit, who will support the person being treated at every stage of the treatment plan.

The centres are also to be characterised by a holistic approach to treatment of the oral cavity, and thus a wide access to not only dental but also medical services, including physiotherapy – key in the treatment of bruxism and temporomandibular joint disorders, among others.

One of the cornerstones of the centres’ development is their design. Here, Medicover Stomatologia relies on cooperation with architects who are known, for example, for the design of the popular chain of coffee shops. The concept for the new centres is to move away from strictly medical interiors towards calming spaces that provide emotional comfort.

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