NEO Hospital focuses on innovation and starts Living Lab

Neo Hospital Living Lab laboratorium

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For years, the medical industry has been one of the most innovative technology fields in our country. Universities, pharmaceutical companies and medtech startups have been leading the way. Now innovations from the medical world will be able to undergo tests in a natural environment. The Neo Hospital Group is launching a Living Lab at the Szpital na Klinach.

Living Lab – what exactly is it about?

Innovation is an important catalyst for economic development, as well as for the development of individual businesses. The innovation laboratory (Living lab) offers the opportunity to test innovative solutions for medicine with the involvement of solution users, in a natural environment. In the new NEO Hospital laboratory companies have the opportunity to conduct tests, among others, in the field of digital technologies in the conditions of an operating block in the Centre for Robotics Surgery.

The programme is dedicated to start’ups, business communities, academia, creators of innovative services and digital solutions which can be applied in medicine or solutions improving efficiency and safety of in-hospital processes.

NEO Hospital and MedApp strengthen their collaboration

Among others, NEO Hospital’s Living lab is used by MedApp S.A., which offers unique solutions to support imaging diagnostics and new generation digital medicine services. Neo Hospital uses two solutions of MedApp S.A.: CarnaLife System, a digital medicine platform supported by devices for remote diagnosis and monioring of patient’s results, and CarnaLife Holo technology, an innovative system for modelling and processing of medical data and its 3D visualisation.

Thanks to the close cooperation between MedApp S.A. and NEO Hospital Group, innovative digital medicine solutions such as CarnaLife Holo or CarnaLife System gain the opportunity to undergo additional tests and expand their functionality in a natural, clinical and hospital environment.

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