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Neuca is not slowing down and is making another acquisition in the area of clinical trials. This time, it is the MTZ Clinical Research centre, specialising in early phase clinical research projects. This is the first centre of its kind in the Pratia network, belonging to Neuca Group, and, as it was announced, the first in Poland.

Company among the few in the world

Pratia SA, a network of clinical trial centres belonging to the Neuca Group, has acquired a 100% stake in MTZ Clinical Research Sp. z o.o. This is a Warsaw-based clinical research centre specialising in phase I clinical trials, early phase clinical trials, phase III clinical trials, bioequivalence and biosimilars. As reported, in total, early phase projects are carried out by only a few centres in Europe and a dozen worldwide.

The acquisition allows Pratia (Neuca Group) to enter a new area of clinical research and thus build even greater competitiveness against other players. It is worth noting that the acquired MTZ clinical research centre was established in 2002 and has conducted over 260 clinical trials to date.

Neuca rapidly expands Pratia network

The clinical trials market has undoubtedly been growing in importance recently. Paradoxically, the COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed to this. In 2020, we reported on numerous acquisitions in the area of clinical trials made by the Neuca Group. A little summary on this topic can be found here. The latest transaction indicates that the company continues to work on the development of the clinical trials on offer, in line with the previously adopted strategy.

The investment in MTZ Clinical Research is fully in line with Neuca Group’s strategy to develop the clinical research area and will allow us to develop our competencies in conducting early phase studies as well as bioequivalence and bioavailability studies. We believe that the knowledge and experience of our new partner in this area, combined with our competence in managing and developing a large network of clinical trial sites in Poland and Europe, will bring significant synergies and added value to our Group, MTZ and its team, but above all to our patients, whose safety and comfort are of paramount importance to us – commented Maciej Jurkun, General Director of Pratia in Poland, in the company’s announcement.

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