New company on the WSE?

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Inno-Gene SA, a company operating in the area of medical diagnostics, has announced the commencement of activities aimed at transferring shares from NewConnect to the WSE main market. Currently, the issuer’s management board has started talks with brokerage houses and law firms which are to carry out the whole process.

Purpose of the transition to the WSE

The company hopes that after the transfer of shares to the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), it will increase the possibility of raising capital for the development of the company. This market is more popular, especially among institutional investors and international companies. Therefore, it may contribute to an increase in the liquidity of the company’s shares and an increase in capitalisation.

Furthermore, entering the WSE increases credibility and trust.  The company counts on cooperation with international corporations and foreign contractors.

Inno-Gene company in Poland

Inno-Gene is a group of companies operating in the areas of genomics, genetic diagnostics and bioinformatics. The company has a wide range of genetic tests in Poland. It cooperates with clinics, laboratories and medical practices of various biotechnological specialties, providing commercial solutions.

The company has been listed on NewConnect since 2011.

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