Pelion group in 7R Park Lodz West I

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The Medezin factory has started production in a 7R Park Lodz West I in Konstantynow Lodzki. This is the second brand belonging to the Pelion group, which operates in 7R Park Lodz West I. The storage area for Medezin was designed in the BTS formula and was adapted to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

New plant of the Pelion group

The new Medezin facility has over 3,700 sqm of warehouse and industrial space, which has been divided into a drug factory and a wholesale warehouse. Additionally, the company occupies 450 sqm of office space located near to the production and storage area. Medezin’s production plant is to supply medicinal products to other companies of the Pelion group. Among the most well-known brands it is worth mentioning the DOZ pharmacy chain, Natura drugstores and the Polish Pharmaceutical Group, among others.

Lodz is an extremely important location for us from a strategic point. In the building that we designed with the warehouse developer, 7R, we will launch a production line where secondary packaging of medicinal products will be manufactured. This type of production process requires specific restrictions in the location where the medicine is produced and stored. With our close cooperation with 7R, we have managed to create a space that meets our needs and allows us to develop our business in the center of Poland – explains in the announcement Paweł Pyc, Project Manager in Medezin, part of the Pelion group.

Improvements at the Medezin plant in 7R Park Lodz West I

In the new Medezin plant, located in 7R Park Lodz West I, it is possible to control temperatures from 15 to 25°C. Moreover, a refrigeration area for storing medicinal products in the temperature range of between 2 and 8°C was installed there. Regularly, every hour, air exchange takes place in the production part. The building is equipped with “autodock”, which allows for temperature compensation inside the warehouse during loading operations.

Medezin Sp. z o.o. is one of the companies of Pelion SA. and its owner is Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna SA – a company leading in the wholesale business sector. The company, acting within the Pelion Group, provides services primarily in the field of servicing manufacturers of medicinal products. It is worth noting that 7R Park Lodz West I is a modern warehouse park with a total area of 32,000 sqm, consisting of two A-class facilities.

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