PMR and Upper Finance report: robotic surgery is growing in popularity

chirurgia robotyczna robot operacja

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There are currently 15 authorised da Vinci robotic system installed in Poland, according to a report prepared by PMR and Upper Finance Group. Last year resulted in the installation of new surgical systems in our country. Globus Medical and Siemens Healthineers have launched their products on the market. CMR Surgical has also started its activity on the Polish market, but by the date of the report there was no clinical installation of this system in Poland yet.

Implementation of ExcelsiusGPS by Globus Medical

Globus Medical has introduced the ExcelsiusGPS surgical robot used in spinal surgery to the Polish market in late 2020. The ExcelsiusGPS surgical robot eliminates possible human error to a minimum. There are currently 120 devices installed worldwide. In Poland, there are already 2 installations and more hospitals have announced the purchase of the system, stresses the authors of the PMR and Upper Finance Group report “Market of surgical robotics in Poland 2021. Development forecasts for 2021-2026”.

Implementation of CorPath GRX by Corindus in Poland

In April 2021, the first implementation of Corindus’ CorPath GRX system in Poland was carried out at the Centre for Invasive Cardiology, Electrotherapy and Angiology in Nowy Sacz. CorPath GRX from Corindus is a system used in interventional vascular procedures that has received medical certification in both Europe and the US (CE, FDA). The solution is developed by Siemens Healthineers, which acquired Corindus Vascular Robotics in 2019 for a price of USD 1.1bn. More than 100 such systems are already installed worldwide. More than 10,000 interventions have been performed with their help. A significant benefit of using a robot is the reduction in the dose of ionising radiation received by the operator. Another issue is the ergonomics of the operator’s work.

In the field of cardiology, conducting percutaneous coronary intervention with the assistance of the Corindus robot allows for a higher level of precision and standardisation of the procedure, which also translates into benefits for patients. This applies to both navigation inside the patient’s body and positioning of implanted products in the coronary arteries, experts say. This makes it possible, for example, to precisely select and implant a coronary stent. The estimated potential of the Polish market is about 10-15 installations during the forecast period, i.e. in the years 2021-2026. The estimated cost of the system is about PLN 3-4m, depending on the application and configuration. The rate of dissemination of the solution will largely depend on the support in the area of reimbursement of robotic methods, due to the relatively high cost of disposable materials used in the procedures (on average over PLN 3,000 per procedure), which is not included in the valuation of the procedure today.

Entry to the CMR market

The first demonstrations of the Versius® robot from CMR Surgical (CMR), a global player in the medical device market, have already taken place in Poland. Versius is a new generation surgical robot that has been used to perform more than 1,000 surgical procedures in hospitals in Europe and Asia.

Rynek robotyki chirurgicznej w Polsce

Report „Market of surgical robotics in Poland 2021. Development forecasts for 2021-2026” can be downloaded free of charge here (Polish version only).

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