Polish company to spend PLN 150m on new factory

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The Mercator Medical Group, a manufacturer of disposable gloves and a distributor of disposable medical supplies based in Krakow, will open another factory in Thailand. This is the company’s third production plant in this country and it may not be the last. Because Mercator has announced further investments in line with the 2021+ strategy. Details are to be announced successively.

Strategy 2021+

As Mercator Medical S.A. CEO Dr Wieslaw Zyznowski says, the purchase of new production lines is the first major element of the company’s development under the 2021+ strategy. He also recognises the significant unsatisfied global demand for disposable gloves, estimated at over 200 billion units per year, or 40% of current global production capacity. He stresses that inventory levels also remain critically low in all countries, confirming the desirability of Mercator Medical’s investment. Further investments under the 2021+ strategy are to be announced successively.

It is worth noting that Mercator Medical’s new factory in Thailand will produce more than 0.8 billion high-margin industrial gloves annually, and the group’s total annual production capacity will exceed 3.9 billion gloves. The amount invested will be around PLN 150m, all of which will come from the company’s own funds. The new plant is expected to take off at the turn of 2021/2022.

Mercator Medical’s achievements are impressive

The company can boast of growing interest among investors, thanks to which it was promoted to the mWIG40 index and was included in the MSCI Small Caps index. In addition, the company and its founders have been awarded many prizes in competitions and plebiscites, among them it is worth mentioning the ‘Forbes’ Ambassador of the Year or the Eagle of the Republic in the Debut category Dziennik Rzeczpospolita. The financial results achieved by Mercator Medical in 2020 are also impressive, as detailed here.

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