Super-Pharm plans to open a new marketplace

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As reported by Wiadomosci Handlowe, drugstore Super-Pharm has announced its plans, namely the launch of a new specialist sales platform with Health&Beauty offer. The marketplace will enable retail sales, but also B2B transactions.

The new platform is not due to go live until 2022. It will support retail sales for individual customers, but there will also be a B2B offering. This project is another strategic action in the area of digitisation of the company. Super-Pharm does not reveal more details yet, but assumes that the platform will become the best solution for customers looking for Health&Beauty products and services.

The chain has recently strongly developed its online channel. In 2020, it saw online sales grow by as much as 500%, putting it on the podium in the e-commerce market.

– The huge increase in market share is the result of the transformation we initiated back in 2019, when we placed a strong bet on the development of our online shop. Customers appreciated the wide assortment and the simple and secure access to our offer. Thanks to the continuous development of the e-commerce channel, we grew 10 times faster than the market in the last year. Thus, we have also increased the independence of our business from external situations – such as a pandemic – says Remigiusz Chrzanowski, Digital Director, Board Member of Super Pharm Polska.

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