Takeda and Orifarm – final of the transaction

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Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited at the end of March announced the completion of its previously announced sale of a portfolio of selected products to Orifarm Group. The transaction, to a total value of USD 670m, includes approximately 130 products and two manufacturing facilities.

Orifarm to increase scale of operations

Takeda has entered into an agreement with Orifarm to sell a portfolio of selected pharmaceutical products, both OTC (over-the-counter) and prescription, non-core to the company’s European operations as early as late April 2020. However, the finalisation of the transaction was announced at the end of March 2021. Orifarm has acquired 130 products as part of this transaction for up to USD 670m, as well as acquiring the rights to two Takeda manufacturing facilities located in Poland and Denmark, along with 600 employees. Takeda and Orifarm have also entered into manufacturing and supply agreements under which Takeda will continue to manufacture selected products on behalf of Orifarm.

The divested portfolio includes OTC products and dietary supplements, as well as selected anti-inflammatory products and medicines used for the treatment of cardiovascular, respiratory and endocrine diseases, which are mainly sold in Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Sweden, the Baltic States and Austria. The portfolio generated net sales of approximately USD 240 million in the 2020 financial year and was driven by sales of OTC cough&cold and vitamin brands, as well as prescription products such as Warfarub and Levaxin, among others.

Takeda development strategy

Since January 2019. Takeda has announced a total of 12 non-core asset divestment agreements worth USD 12.9bn.

It was reported that the divested drugs are outside Takeda‘s core business areas, which are gastroenterology (GI), rare diseases, plasma product therapies and neurology. These areas are described as key to Takeda’s global and long-term growth strategy.

Source: Takeda

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