Up to EUR 10m loan to Scope Fluidics from the EIB

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The EIB will support the financing of the development of innovative methods for the detection of pathogens in the field of laboratory diagnostics that cause infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Under the agreement it will provide a loan to Scope Fluidics.

Details of the agreement with the EIB

The concluded agreement is the first such project in Poland to be financed under the Infectious Disease Financing Facility (IDFF). This instrument is part of Horizon 2020 and is supported by the European Commission. So far, 14 agreements, which amount to a total of EUR 372m, have been signed under this instrument.

The loan for Scope Fluidics will be divided into three tranches. The first is EUR 4m, the second EUR 3m and the third to EUR 3m. The EIB will disburse the loan within 36 months of signing the agreement for each of the tranches. Scope Fluidics commits to repay each of the tranches once within five years of receiving the financing from the EIB.

Scope Fluidics History

Scope Fluidics develops innovative projects in the field of diagnostics and healthcare. The company was established in 2010 in the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences with a view to creating solutions for medicine based on microflow technologies. The company cooperates with the academic community, combining medical and business perspectives. Since 2017, Scope Fluidics S.A. is a company listed on the NewConnect market.

The Scope Fluidics Group also includes two special purpose companies: Curiosity Diagnostics Sp. z o.o. and Bacteromic Sp. z o.o., which were set up to implement a specific project. This is the PCR/ONE and BacterOmic research project.

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