Warsaw will have the largest diagnostic laboratory in Europe

Diagnostyka budynek laboratorium biura

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Diagnostyka has completed the first stage of construction of the centre, to which the headquarters of the network of medical laboratories will be moved. The largest diagnostic laboratory in Europe is also to be built there.

Second stage of construction of the centre in Warsaw

Construction of the new laboratory of the Central-Eastern Region at Jutrzenki Street in Warsaw began in November 2019. The completion of the first stage of construction work was announced on 15 September during a presentation of the building. The second stage of construction is currently underway, as part of which installations and finishing works will be carried out. It will also include equipment for the main laboratory and specialist studios. The opening of the new laboratory is planned for less than a year.

The medical laboratory in the newly built building of Diagnostyka in Warsaw together with specialist diagnostic laboratories will be one of the largest laboratory complexes of this type in Europe – explained Paweł Pirkl, President of Diagnostyka Investment Sp. z o.o. Sk. K. (commentary from mednaprywatna.pl).

New laboratory capacity

The usable area of the building is over 13,000 m². The building consists of four overground storeys, where a laboratory, specialist laboratories, a collection centre and full administrative facilities will be located. The underground garage is to provide parking spaces for nearly 100 cars. Diagnostyka will also arrange the roof section for a terrace.

After the completion of the investment, the largest line of analysers in this part of Europe is to start working in the building, with the possibility of further expansion of research structures. The company states that it will ultimately ensure the efficiency of over 40,000 tests per day. Diagnostyka also envisages renting over 5,000 m² for office and medical and service activities.

Information on the laboratory diagnostics market can be found in the latest PMR report: Laboratory diagnostics services market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development prospects. The report contains the latest data, revised on the impact of coronavirus on the market.

Photo: visualisation of the new building by Archimed

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