Will medical marijuana be planted in a shopping mall in Koszalin?

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Very possible! As mycompanypolska.pl reports, a medical marijuana plantation may be established in Hala Kupiecka in Koszalin. The plantation will be developed by Labocanna company, which plans to take over the facility from Idea-Inwest. The transaction has probably not been finalised yet.

Medical marijuana plantation in Koszalin

Labocanna is making a strong entry into the hemp market in Poland. According to information provided by mycompanypolska.pl, the company will take over the Hala Kupiecka shopping centre on Bohaterow Warszawy Street in Koszalin. After the transaction is finalised, the facility will probably be partially adapted to run a medical marijuana plantation there using the indoor method. This method is to ensure standardisation of the cultivation process and quality control thanks to optimal control of all key parameters of cannabis cultivation.

The company is also undertaking other activities on the hemp market in Poland. In February, Labocanna made an offer to acquire HemPoland, one of the largest players in the hemp market in Poland, which owns the CannabiGold brand. A little earlier, the company announced that it plans to make two or three acquisitions this year, and that it intends to acquire a total of five companies by the end of 2026.

Labocanna will develop a dietary supplement?

In its report for the fourth quarter of 2020, Labocanna announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Bydgoszcz-based Inventionbio sp. z o.o. (now Inventionbio S.A.). The companies are to collaborate on, among other things, the development of an innovative dietary supplement “based on medicinal marijuana to support the struggle with COVID-19 disease”.

To this end, Labocanna and Inventionbio are to conduct joint research into the effects of CBD on protecting the human body against SARS viruses, the use of CBD in oncology, as well as the use of CBD in pain relief therapy. The latter are also to be conducted in collaboration with selected healthcare entities.

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