Mabion with a building permit

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On 14 November, Mabion announced that it had received a permit to build “Centrum Naukowo-Technologiczny Zaawansowanej Biotechnologii Medycznej Mabion SA” in Konstantynow Lodzki.

Thanks to this, the company may begin work on the extension of the existing plant of the Scientific and Industrial Complex of Medical Biotechnology. As a result, the production and research and development capacity of the company will be increased. In the planned Centre, biotechnological drugs – monoclonal antibodies – are to be developed and prepared for commercialization of the latest generation of biotechnological drugs.

In addition, Mabion said that investment plans may be extended in the future.

Mabion SA is a Polish biotechnology company. The company’s priority project is the launch of MabionCD20. It is a biosimilar to the MabThera drug produced by Roche (rituximab). The preparation is used in the treatment of lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and rheumatoid arthritis.

In June 2018. Mabion informed that it had submitted an application for marketing authorisation of MabionCD20 through the so-called centralised procedure to the European Medicines Agency. According to Dr Sławomir Jarosa, CSO and Director for Operations and Science at Mabion, quoted in the company’s announcement, this is the first biotechnology drug from scratch designed and developed in Poland by Polish scientists.

Earlier, in December 2017, Mabion filed a patent application for MabionCD20 for the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS) in combination with other substances. Then, in June 2018, he filed another patent application, which covers the use of MabionCD20 in MS monotherapy. This is an innovative indication for this molecule.

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