Maksymilian Swiniarski becomes the President of the Management Board of Biomed-Lublin

Agnieszka Grzybowska-Zalewska appointed as new President of the Management Board of Sanofi

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According to the decision of the supervisory board of Biomed-Lublin, Maksymilian Swiniarski will become the president of the company’s board as of 1 January 2022. At the same time, Piotr Fic resigned from the position of Vice-President of the Board acting as President.

The new President of the Management Board of Biomed-Lublin, Maksymilian Swiniarski, has been involved in the pharmaceutical industry for over twenty years, and his long experience has made him a leader in enterprise, project and risk management. In his earlier years, he worked for some of the world’s largest biotechnology corporations, which were characterised by innovation. In his career, he held the position of a senior leader at Bayer, President of the Management Board at Eli Lilly Poland, and Director of Cardiology and Diabetology at AstraZeneca Poland. In his work, he successfully introduced the latest generation of medicines into the Polish market and successfully implemented product development strategies. As an expert in management, he has been involved in developing strategies and communications to reach the widest possible audience. His experience will strengthen the team of the company Biomed-Lublin.

Biomed-Lublin Wytwornia Surowic i Szczepionek (factory of serum and vaccines) is a Polish pharmaceutical company that has been operating since 1944 and has been listed on the main market of Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2015. The company produces medicinal preparations, such as prescription drugs, medical devices, and laboratory reagents.

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