Marcin Czech leaves the Ministry of Health

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Marcin Czech has resigned as Deputy Minister of Health. The reason for his resignation are health reasons. The Czech Republic has recently been in hospital and on sick leave. The request for resignation has already been accepted by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Prof. Marcin Czech worked in the Ministry of Health since July 2017. He was responsible for the areas of medicines and pharmacy as well as international cooperation. He was, among others, the author of State Medicine Policy – a strategic document defining the priorities of drug management in the years 2018-2022. While working at the Ministry of Health, he prepared an amendment to the Pharmaceutical Law Act concerning, among others, clinical trials. He also worked on the implementation of the pharmaceutical care pilotage and the Act on the Pharmacist Profession.

Marcin Czech is a professor at the Warsaw University of Technology, a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw. He has two specializations: epidemiology and public health.

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