Fewer Poles vaccinated with the third dose – a mistake of vaccination centres ?


The Ministry of Health explained that the decreasing number of those vaccinated with the third dose, in the daily statistics on COVID-19 vaccinations, is related to the correction of vaccination cards by the vaccination points. It has been discovered that booster injections are entered as the “third dose” instead of booster.

Specifically, as the ministry communicated: “Despite the information contained in the communication No. 14 of the Ministry of Health on vaccination against COVID-19 with a booster dose and an additional dose complementary to the basic scheme, it happens that booster injections are entered as the third dose (3/3) instead of 1/booster.”

A daily announcement on COVID-19 immunization is published on the government website, showing that as of the end of December 2020, 44,239,198 injections had been administered in Poland. The third dose of the vaccine was given to 217,512 people on Monday, and the booster dose was given to 4,671,733 people. The figures were 226,163 persons and 3,717,520 people a week earlier, respectively.

All people aged 18-49, as of 2 November, are eligible for a booster 6 months following their first vaccine. People aged 50 and up, on the other hand, receive a referral for it after 5 months, starting on November 24. A third dose is indicated for medics, seniors, and immunocompromised people 28 days after the second dose, such as those undergoing cancer treatment or those who have had organ transplants.

Pfizer COVID-19 booster protects against Omicron ?

On Saturday, Israeli researchers announced that a three-shot course of the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer/BioNTech (PFE.N), (22UAy.DE), gave considerable protection against the new Omicron strain. The findings were similar to those presented earlier last week by BioNTech and Pfizer, which were an early indication that booster doses may be necessary to guard against infection from the newly found variation.

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