Free telemedical consultation as part of stay at the hotel

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Telemedicine is entering into new sectors of our economy. The Interferie hotel chain in cooperation with PZU Zdrowie provided free telemedical consultations. Guests there can take advantage of telemedical consultation and, if necessary, will receive a referral to the examination and an e-prescription.

Medical consultation without leaving…the hotel

In the Interferie hotel chain, the PZU Zdrowie Telemedical Package Safe Hotel is available free of charge for 7 and 14-day stays in facilities located in Swinoujscie, Dabki, Ustronie Morskie, Kolobrzeg, Swieradow-Zdroj and Szklarska Poreba. This is the first hotel chain on the map of Poland to benefit from this solution. Guests can carry out 10 telemedical consultations with a doctor as part of this service.

In order to take advantage of the teleconsultation, during check-in at the hotel guests receive an activation code allowing them to access the internist and paediatrician’s teleconsultations through the myPZU portal. The PZU Zdrowie offer is available for all hotel chains in Poland.

Telemedical consultation is gaining in popularity

The telemedical services market is experiencing a boom. The solution has been gaining a lot of supporters for several years now, but the coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated its development. Therefore, the information on offering teleconsultation in various industries is not surprising. Earlier we had written about the development of telemedicine within mobile subscriptions.

In the current epidemiological situation telemedicine ensures maximum safety. On the basis of a teleconsultation with a doctor, it is possible not only to obtain recommendations concerning your health condition, but also to receive an e-referral or an e-prescription.

More about the importance of telemedicine in Poland will be said by practitioners during the forum PMR Forum Private Healthcare 2021 on 10 September 2020 r.

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