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The pilot project of the “Prescription for Senior” programme offering medical consultations and delivery of purchased drugs to the patient’s home has been launched. The service is offered by the HomeDoctor platform and so far it is available for the residents of Warsaw. However, there are plans to expand it to other cities.

Drugs in just a few hours…

Due to the pandemic, the treatment of remaining diseases and the continuation of treatment are hampered, queues to doctors lengthen, and access to clinics and medical centres is limited. Hence the idea of a comprehensive medical service that can be provided in safe, home conditions. The “Prescription for Senior” programme is intended in particular for elderly people and all those who, out of concern for their own safety, prefer to stay at home and not expose themselves to the risk of disease, but still need contact with a primary care doctor or other specialist to buy their medicines.

As HomeDoctor assures, the whole process takes just a few hours from ordering to delivery of the medicines to the patient’s home.

HomeDoctor strategy

HomeDoctor is a platform that provides consultations with primary care physicians and more than 20 specialties in the form of home visits, teleconsultations and in-person visits. At the beginning of October 2020, we reported on HomeDoctor’s intention to develop services including an integrated online pharmacy, more on this can be found here. HomeDoctor provides fast access to GPs: patients are served in a 24/7 model, including weekends and holidays, getting in touch with a doctor in a dozen or so minutes after reporting, and 24/7 emergency care.

To date, the company is the only one to use geolocalisation technology to reduce waiting times for doctors.

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