Number of deaths in Poland: increase by nearly 44% in October

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In August and September there were first signs that the number of deaths in Poland is increasing compared to previous years. At that time, however, the data did not indicate any dramatic changes in this respect. October unfortunately turned out to be a breakthrough. Not only the daily number of COVID-19 cases exceeded 20 thousand, but also the number of deaths, not only due to the coronavirus, increased significantly. In the whole country, on average by nearly 44%, compared to the data from October 2019.

It hasn’t been so bad for five years…is it the influence of COVID-19?

Although in the initial stage of the pandemic the data indicated that COVID-19 did not increase the number of deaths in Poland, but on the contrary slightly reduced their number compared to previous years, the development of the pandemic strongly verified this trend. Comparing the weekly number of deaths in October to previous years, it can be seen that such high values have not been recorded in Poland for at least five years.

According to data from the Ministry of Digitization, as of 9 November 2020, a total of 49,132 deaths were recorded in October 2020. Looking at the data from May to October this is the highest number of deaths both if we look at the total number of deaths in Poland and the number of deaths reported by the Ministry of Health in connection with COVID-19.

deaths may-oct 2020 chart

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