PMR Survey: Who uses private healthcare?

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FFS health services represent a relatively popular method of using private medical care in Poland. A PMR survey carried out in April 2021 suggests that the use of such services (paid on-site) was reported by 50% of respondents.

In the representative sample survey, use of FFS health services (paid on-site) was reported by 50% of respondents. Private healthcare services paid for on-site are, invariably, more frequently used by women, who are, in general, more likely to visit the doctor and buy medicines and other health products.

Educational qualifications signify variations in the use of FFS services

People with more rarefied educational qualifications also pay more often and to a greater extent for medical services in comparison with others, as they earn more and are more health aware. Furthermore, because of their more substantial incomes and better access to services, those living in larger cities are more likely to choose such an expense than those living in rural areas.

Overall, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic of 2020 and 2021 has not changed the demographic profile of those using fee-for-service services – it has merely alleviated the disparities between users in certain circumstances (more information in the PMR report).

Profile patient private healthcare

Read more information from PMR studies on the private healthcare market in the PMR report: “Private healthcare market in Poland 2021.  Market analysis and development forecasts for 2021-2026“.

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