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Psychiatry market to see vibrant growth prompted by patient health awareness

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The COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions in socio-economic life constitute significant factors which have contributed to a substantial increase in the prevalence of psychological problems in Polish society. A PMR survey, for 2020 and the first half of 2021, suggests that the most substantial increase has taken place in the number of patients with problems such as depression and anxiety, because of the economic crisis, threat or loss of work, inability of companies to function, isolation and fears for loved ones.

Has the incidence of such problems improved the situation on the market for psychiatric services?

Despite these trends which favour the value of the psychiatric services market, our estimates show that the total value of the psychiatric care market in 2020 fell by 0.1% year on year. This is primarily because the market is dominated by inpatient public treatment, which has witnessed a significant reduction in activity. Many public and converted hospitals report that they failed to honour their NHF contracts in full last year. Despite the fact that it is possible to carry forward funds to 2021, in our methodology we do not count services provided in the current year against the 2020 figure.

We therefore predict that there will be no significant “rebound” in the psychiatric services market this year. For example, some units have reported that the extension of the contract period to 2021 has done little, in the midst of the continuing pandemic. Interestingly, however, the market is dominated by companies providing services in accordance with contracts with the National Health Fund. In the private arena, the situation is slightly different. Here we anticipate double-figure growth in the value of psychiatric and psychological services over the forecast horizon to 2026.

Market assessment by service providers: PMR survey results

One-fifth of the entities participating in the PMR* survey cited the COVID-19 pandemic and the restricted access to medical care as a barrier to their activities. This difficulty also, therefore, arose in psychiatry – despite a certain increase in mental health problems associated with the economic crisis and COVID-19 itself. However, this limitation was not as substantial as those observed in other areas of medicine – it is worthy of note that, in a similar survey on private multispecialty clinics, the pandemic was cited as an obstacle by as many as 67% of entities, and the value of the on-site fee-for-service medical market is estimated by PMR to have been reduced by 21% overall.

* Between 28 June and 13 July 2021, PMR carried out a survey among medical facilities which provide psychiatric care.

More results of the PMR survey and information about current trends on the psychiatric care market in Poland can be found in the PMR report: “Psychiatric care market in Poland 2021. Market analysis and development prospects”. The publication’s contents include a detailed analysis of the number of institutions providing psychiatric care in Poland – whether inpatient and/or outpatient.

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