Therapify and BML: #AkcjaMedyk

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Therapify, a startup leading the platform for ordering visits to mental health professionals, together with the portal Being a Young Doctor (BML), introduces free psychological consultations for doctors. This is a gesture of thanks for their daily work in the fight against COVID-19.

#AkcjaMedyk – free of charge for doctors

Psychological and psychiatric care are still quite a difficult subject. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the great need for this type of consultation. It is worth noting here the problem of doctors, who not only have been burdened with the burden of increased work in connection with providing assistance to patients with COVID-19, but also often have to struggle with isolation from their relatives.

For this reason, Therapify, together with the BML, has prepared a free psychological consultation for the doctors. It was announced that under #ActionMedical Medicine will be able to receive free psychological assistance through Therapify.

Therapify has recently raised funds for development

The Therpify platform was established in 2019. As reported by Money portal in mid-November 2020, the company raised funds for development. A total of EUR 550,000, or nearly PLN 2.4m. Among the investors, the portal reported Kogito Ventures and RKKVC funds. Therpify was also qualified for the InCredibles mentoring programme created by Sebastian Kulczyk.

It was announced that the acquired funding will be invested in the development and promotion of services, including online psychotherapy, taking place at the patient’s home and the consultant’s assistance in choosing the right specialist.

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