Three organisations will support Poles’ hearts

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Patients have significantly reduced visits to medical facilities as a result of the pandemic, often neglecting their health during the lockdown. However, new remote care solutions have emerged to provide both patient safety and top quality medical care. These are growing in popularity. Those who are not yet convinced by telemedicine solutions will be encouraged by the new educational campaign: “TeleSERCE – Heart under control”.

Poles’ heart under control?

The campaign is to educate Poles on the practical applications of telemedicine and is addressed to people suffering from heart diseases. It is worth reminding that cardiovascular diseases are the first cause of death in Poland. The most common cardiovascular disease in Poland is heart failure, from which about 750-800 thousand Poles suffer.

As the portal informs, the organisers of the campaign are three organisations: Nationwide Association of Patients with Heart and Vascular Diseases EcoSerce, Polish Association of People with Heart Failure and eZdrowie Foundation. Moreover, the action’s partner is the Alliance of Cardiological Organisations.

The campaign will include webinars, media activities and a pilot programme of three-month telemedical care for selected groups of patients from different regions of the country. The campaign will end with a report with recommendations and conclusions.

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