Massmedica wants to build a rehabilitation hospital


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Massmedica has signed an agreement to purchase the Manor and Park Complex in Bykowce, which will be transformed into a holistic rehabilitation centre. There are also plans to build a rehabilitation hospital for patients from private hospitals who will require post-surgical or post-traumatic rehabilitation.

Massmedica is a company that operates within reconstructive, regenerative, sports and aesthetic medicine. The company provides products for the reconstruction of ruptured ligaments and tendons, as well as endoprostheses, which are manufactured using 3D printers to suit individual patient needs. The company also offers systems to extract stem cells from adipose tissue, glucosamine biopolymers for joint cartilage reconstruction, and biological blood products, including platelet-rich plasma PRP/PRP+HA. Massmedica also supplies SOLO 120, a solution for joint fluid regeneration using hyaluronic acid.

Massmedica to create a holistic rehabilitation centre

The purchased Manor and Park Complex in Bykowce, in Podkarpackie voivodeship, will allow the company to create a holistic rehabilitation centre, where the training of the company’s client doctors will be carried out. In the future, on the plot of 2.6792 ha, Massmedica plans to build a rehabilitation hospital, which will be available to patients from private hospitals during convalescence.

According to Marek Młodzianowski, President of the Board of Massmedica, the investment will allow the company to start operating in the profitable and constantly developing sector of medical services. The first stage of the investment involves a comprehensive renovation of the manor house and its transformation into a rehabilitation centre. The centre’s offer will be directed to city residents who require rehabilitation after surgeries and injuries. The company does not exclude that a large part of the new clients will be patients after Covid-19. Thanks to the application of holistic rehabilitation, which is based on modern therapy methods, patients will be able to receive effective help.

The treatment and rehabilitation pavilion hospital, the construction of which is the next stage of work, is intended to fill a niche in the market and respond to patients’ expectations. It will allow patients to rest after treatments and will provide them with the constant care of rehabilitators, aesthetic medicine specialists and therapists. The hospital will offer rest and rehabilitation and will allow patients to recover from surgeries.

Rehabilitation centre in a historic complex

The Manor-Park Complex in Bykowce was entered in the register of monuments of the Krosno voivodship back in 1993, and Massmedica obtained the consent of the National Agricultural Support Centre (KOWR) and the Voivodship Conservator of Monuments to build a pavilion hospital. In the agreement concluded between the company and KOWR with its branch in Rzeszów, the price of the facility was set at PLN 383,500. Within 3 years, under the agreement, the company will have to make renovation outlays in an amount not lower than the equivalent of the real estate price.

Massmedica will support charity activities?

Massmedica has established a foundation that will collect funds for people with disabilities and finance their stay in a rehabilitation centre. This is also to support their carers, who will be able to stay in rehabilitation together with their charges, who will be looked after by a team of specialists. The CEO of Massmedica adds that more information on the foundation’s projects will be available when the renovation work is completed.

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