MedAlliance wants to be like Medicover

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Last December, the MedAlliance opened a clinic in Budapest. The company is a new player in the private healthcare market in Hungary. The company aspires to become a regional network. It wants to compete with the Swedish Medicover concern, operating in many countries of the region, or the Slovakian Penta, as well as Lux Medem operating in Poland, or the Romanian MedLife and Regina Maria.

The new clinic will operate under the name Robert Healthcare Centre Hegyalja. Peter Haraszti, founder and owner of MedAlliance Holding Zrt., announces the creation of a regional potentate. He will develop his business under the TritonLife brand.

MedAlliance Holding was first heard of in April 2018, when the private investor Csaba Lantos announced the sale to Robert Karoly Private Hospital. Since then, the company has also acquired Genium Healthcare, Family Planning and Diagnostics Centre, Medikids Children’s Health Centre and DoKiD. These facilities specialize in paediatrics and family planning.

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