Medical plans for animals are increasing in strength

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Medical subscriptions for animals are increasing in strength

According to PMR data, in recent years the market of medical subscriptions has been developing at a double-digit rate. An example from private medical companies decided to take the veterinary sector, and medical subscriptions for animals started to appear on the market. Will soon the employees expect from the employer also medical care for their dog? One of the companies that offers this kind of service is Pethelp. It is a startup that wants to develop veterinary packages for dogs and cats as a new form of employee benefits.

The company has just received PLN 400 thousand of support from the venture capital fund AgriTech Hub. The funds will be used to expand the gamification program. The subscriptions offered by Pethelp can now be used in partner establishments in Warsaw and its vicinity, Kraków, Łódź and Gdynia. The offer is addressed mainly to corporations, but it is also possible to purchase subscriptions by individuals. The packages are offered in three variants: standard, premium and platinum. Another company offering veterinary subscriptions is Vet Plan.

Unlike Pethelp, the company offers medical care not only for dogs and cats, but also for small reptiles, mammals and birds. The packages are available in four options (blue, green, navy blue, gold).  They include not only prevention and diagnostics, but also laboratory tests and specialist consultations, including international consultations.

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