Medix and DGA – UOKiK in the case of acquisition on the pharmaceutical market


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Medix and DGA will await the decision of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK). The Authority initially reviewed the acquisition requests and forwarded them to the second stage of the procedure. Is further consolidation on the pharmaceutical market possible?

UOKiK in the case of Medix acquisition

DOZ – the largest pharmacy chain in Poland – submitted an application to the UOKiK to acquire the operator of a pharmacy chain based in Tczew in March 2019. So far, the companies have cooperated with each other on a franchise basis. The announcement of the UOKiK indicates that the Office will conduct a market survey, as there is a fear that after the acquisition there will be a restriction of competition on some local markets.

Panathea away from the acquisition of DGA

At the beginning of April, the UOKIK also received an application from Panathea concerning the acquisition of the pharmacy chain Lekosfera, controlled by the Dolnoslaska Grupa Apteczna (DGA). UOKiK will also conduct a detailed analysis of this concentration. The preliminary findings of the Office indicate that the companies’ activities overlap within a radius of 1 km in Legnica and Brzeg.

The main object of Panathea sp. z o.o. activity is the holding, however, the majority of its subsidiaries are involved in running pharmacies belonging to the “Apteki Dyzurne” pharmacy chain. At the end of 2018, the network was among the top ten largest pharmacy chains in Poland in terms of the number of pharmacies.

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