Merger of NIZP-PZH and IZiZ

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The Council of Ministers adopted a regulation to merge the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw (NIZP-PZH) and the Prof. Dr. Aleksander Szczygiel Food and Nutrition Institute (IZiZ). The merger is to take place on 1 February 2020.

Benefits of the merger

The cost of the merger in the amount of PLN 180,000 will be borne by PZH and in practice it will be incorporated into NIZP-PZH. The merger of two institutes into one organisation will allow for more effective support of research and development activities in the field of health. This applies in particular to activities in the sphere of shaping healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits, implementation of health promotion and food safety programmes.

National Reference Laboratory

A National Reference Laboratory will also be set up to carry out research on chemical contaminants, food contact materials and food microbiology. The scope of the Institute’s research will be extended to new areas, i.e. allergen analytics in food. The foundations will be laid for wider international cooperation and for achieving a higher position of the institute abroad. This will enable the implementation of programmes such as the “National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey”, giving a full assessment of the health of the population in Poland.

Institutes’ activities

National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene is a research institute dealing with issues of hygiene, epidemiology, bacteriology, immunology, parasitology. It conducts both scientific and service research.

The Institute of Food and Nutrition deals with the influence of food on human health and setting Polish nutritional standards and orders.

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