Ministry of Health: Staff reform underway

waldemar kraska ministerstwo zdrowia

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The last few days have brought two important staff changes in the Ministry of Health. Zbigniew J. Krol has been dismissed from the post of Deputy Minister of Health. He was responsible for the reform of psychiatry and the National Plan of Rare Diseases. Waldemar Kraska, who will coordinate medical rescue and international cooperation, will become the new Deputy Minister.

Zbigniew J. Krol canceled, the reason was a crisis in psychiatry?

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki accepted the resignation of Zbigniew J. Krol from the position of Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Health on 30th July. According to unofficial media reports, the reason for this situation was a crisis in psychiatry, especially in children’s psychiatry. This is about many years of neglect, which was supposed to lead to several tragedies in recent times. In addition, there have been difficulties in implementing the National Plan for Rare Diseases. It was Zbigniew Krol who was responsible for these two areas. He also coordinated work on maps of health needs.

The work on all these projects is to be continued. Marek Balicki, who recently became a government plenipotentiary for psychiatry reform, will take over some of the duties of the outgoing deputy minister.

Waldemar Kraska is the new deputy minister

At the same time, on August 1, Waldemar Krask awas appointed Deputy Minister and Secretary of State. He will coordinate the work of the Medical and Defence Rescue Department, including the Air Rescue Service. He will also be responsible for international cooperation.

Waldemar Kraska is an active doctor. He comes from Sokołow Podlaski. Since 2004, he has been the head of the general surgery department in the local hospital. He is also the medical coordinator and deputy director for medical treatment at RM-Meditrans Emergency Station in the city. He is the chairman of the Senate Health Committee.

New composition of the management of the Ministry of Health

The management of the Ministry of Health currently counts five deputy ministers in addition to the Minister of Health Lukasz Szumowski. Apart from Waldemar Kraska, these are Jozefa Szczurek-Zelazko, Janusz Cieszynski, Sławomir Gadomski and Maciej Mikolowski. The detailed scope of their duties and coordinated units is presented in the new ordinance of the Ministry of Health here.

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