Mixed Reality in laboratory diagnostic?

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Polish start-up Holo4Labs has developed a solution that allows for remote execution of analytical procedures, thus relieving the work of the lab technician. The Mixed Reality system is intended to facilitate optimisation of laboratory diagnostic work and accelerate sample analysis.

Mixed Reality and the lab work

The new Mixed Reality solution from Holo4Labs allows to automate the sample analysis process, reducing the risk of laboratory error. The users of the solution do not need to enter data manually into the computer. Additionally, thanks to the go agglomeration, they can view key information about samples from any location.

According to Przemyslaw Budnicki, CEO of Holo4Labs, the software automatically scans the sample and tells the lab technician what to do next. What’s more, the solution allows supervise to manage of the work of teams in multiple locations from the level of the computer, making maximum use of the employees’ resources. Due to this fact an external supervisor, located outside the laboratory, can follow the process and instruct staff on the conditions for more complex and multi-stage procedures.

Areas of support in laboratory diagnostic

The system developed by Poles uses the latest generation of virtual goggles Microsoft HoloLens 2 and is integrated with LIMS software used in laboratories. The solution may significantly accelerate the process of sample analysis in laboratory diagnostic, especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Because, during this period, laboratory diagnostics from laboratories performing tests on COVID-19 are most burdened with the number of tests performed.

The system can facilitate the management of areas such as: remote training, ensuring the compatibility of procedures, managing research instruments and enabling work on virtual laboratory instruments.

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