mojeIKP app will also include coronavirus test result

mojeIKP app will also include coronavirus test result

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1.9 million Poles have already downloaded mojeIKP application, a free mobile application that gives users access to some of the features of the Patient Online Account. mojeIKP will get a new feature in the coming weeks: the coronavirus test result.

In May 2021, Centrum e-Zdrowie released the mojeIKP smartphone application. According to the institution’s spokespeople, it has obtained a big number of users in a short period of time – there are currently 1.9 million users after only six months, and new ones are added every day.

Specifically, the mojeIKP application allows users to register online for COVID-19 vaccination; buy drugs at the pharmacy by displaying a QR code on the phone screen instead of providing the pharmacist with the PESEL number; search for e-prescriptions and e-referrals; and receive notifications about issued e-prescriptions and e-referrals sent directly to the phone. The mojeIKP app gives you instant and continuous access to all of your e-prescriptions and medicine booklets, making it simple to double-check the dose of each of your medications. The EU Covid Certificate (UCC) is also included in the application and may be displayed to the necessary agencies at any time.

Importantly, the program provides access to the whole family’s medical records. You may simply get a prescription not only for yourself, but also for a kid or a loved one who has given us permission to do so.

In the next weeks, mojeIKP will get a new, valuable feature: the coronavirus test result. The user will receive an SMS informing them that the test results are already accessible on their Patient Online Account, which is also displayed on the mojeIKP application.

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