Neomedic Group for sale

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The Neomedic Group is looking for a new owner.  Innova Capital, a private equity fund, wants to sell it to a professional investor. The transaction may take place in 2018 or at the beginning of 2019, ISBNews informs. At the end of 2017. ILM Holding SARL held 70% of the shares in Neomedic SA and the remaining 30% was held by private individuals. Innova Capital has been an investor in the Group since 2012.

The Neomedic Group operates a branch network in southern Poland. It has two hospitals in Kraków: the Ujastek obstetrics and gynaecology hospital (with a clinic) and the Topmed one-day surgical hospital. In Nowy Sącz, Neomedic operates the Medikor obstetrics and gynaecology hospital (also with a clinic). According to PMR data, the Ujastek Hospital is one of the largest maternity hospitals in Poland in terms of the number of beds.

In 2017, consolidated revenues of Neomedic SA amounted to PLN 98.7 million, compared to less than PLN 85 million in the previous year. The Group ended 2017 with a profit of PLN 0.8m, while a year earlier it recorded a loss of PLN 5.3m.

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