Nestmedic: Jacek Gnich is the new CEO

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Jacek Gnich has become the new president of the telemedicine company Nestmedic. He replaced Patrycja Wizinska-Socha, who became a member of the Management Board. Nestmedic announces the preparation of a new strategy for the development of the Pregnabit system and its commercialisation.

First of all, a new strategy

According to Nestmedic, Jacek Gnich has extensive experience in the commercialisation of innovative products. He is associated with Scanderia Venture, where he has been the President of the Management Board since 2017. Previously, he managed Infoscan, a company specialising in remote diagnostics and monitoring of respiratory disorders. He increased the scope of the company’s operations in Poland and abroad, as well as attracted new investors.

One of the first tasks of the new president will be to update the action plan for Pregnabit, the telemedicine KTG, which is the flagship product of Nestmedic. The new strategy will concern both the technological development of the device and its sales.

Patrycja Wizinska-Socha returns to her roots

Jacek Gnich replaced Patrycja Wizinska-Socha, co-founder of Nestmedic, as President of the Board. She remains in the company as a member of the board, which will allow her to focus on the further development of Pregnabit, mainly from the medical point of view.

At the same time, Konrad Kowalczuk, a former member of the Management Board, resigned.

Patrycja Wizinska-Socha, PhD, will be one of the speakers at Poland Private Healthcare 2021, a forum organised by PMR on 19 March 2020.

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