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In early December 2020, Nestmedic, a company operating on the telemedicine and healthcare market, launched its online store. Through the store one can, among others, rent a Pregnabit device for a fee.

Pregnabit to be purchased at online store

Nestmedic, a company operating on the telemedicine market in Poland, launched an online store at the beginning of December 2020. The e-shop is operated by the Medyczne Centrum Telemonitoringu, which is a subsidiary of Nestmedic.

In the store it is possible to rent a Pregnabit telemedicine device for a fee. In December 2020, the e-shop offered a 2- and 4-week subscription fee for renting and operating the device at the price of PLN 299 and PLN 399 respectively. The Pregnabit system enables remote KTG registration. The system consists of a mobile KTG device and the service of the Medyczne Centrum Telemonitoringu, where the medical personnel analyse the KTG records on an ongoing basis.

In addition, a store offers postnatal underwear, baby supplies (blankets, diapers, bottles and other) and hygienic articles.

The Nestmedic company was established in 2014 and debuted on NewConnect in 2017.

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