Neuca doesn’t slow down in clinical trials

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At the end of October, the Neuca Group finalized the acquisition of another clinical trial site.  Małopolskie Centrum Medyczne (MCM) has joined the Group. As a result, the network of Neuca Clinical Trials Centres already has 10 facilities. The value of the transaction amounted to PLN 18 million.

MCM specializes in clinical trials in hematooncology and autoimmune diseases. According to the company, it is the largest independent clinical trials centre in Poland. Currently, it conducts about 70 research projects in the area of haematology, rheumatology, dermatology, neurology and gastroenterology. In 2017, MCM’s revenues amounted to PLN 11 million, with a gross profit of PLN 2.6 million.

Neuca’s activities in the area of clinical trials are focused on two divisions. The first one is SMO (site management organisation), under the Pratia brand. So far, Pratia has conducted about 700 research projects and recruited 13 thousand patients. In the first three quarters of 2018, the value of SMO Pratia’s contracts amounted to PLN 11.7 million, an increase of 116%. The number of included patients increased by 59% to 432.

The second division within clinical trials in the Neuca Group is the CRO (contract research organisation, i.e. performing clinical trials of medicines on behalf of Neuca Group).  It includes Clinmed Pharma and Bioscience.

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