Neuca takes over Exom

Neuca takes over Exom

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Clinscience, a subsidiary of Neuca, buys 100 % of shares of the Italian Exom Group. Effective September 28, 2021, Cliniscience will purchase 60 % of the shares for EUR 13.2 million, including a total of EUR 5 million in the seller’s net cash position. The remaining 40 % will be purchased by 2025, for a price calculated on the basis of the realized average future EBITDAx8.

According to Tomasz Dąbrowski, president of Cliniscience, joining forces with Exom will allow the Neuca group to continue its long-term strategy of implementing innovation based on digital data available in real time. With a strong position in the European market, Exom could afford to expand further, and open a headquarters in the United States. This enabled cooperation with highly qualified teams specializing in data management and biostatistics. Thanks to the transaction, Neuca will also benefit from Exom’s influence on the US market.

Exom is a technology CRO (Contract Research Organization) company operating in Italy and Germany. Exom designs, supervises, and manages clinical trials for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Genius Suite, the key asset of Exom, is a proprietary system that consists of 20 integrated subsystems aimed at increasing the efficiency of conducting clinical projects.

The investment in EXOM is in line with the long-term strategy of Cliniscience, which bases its activities on building digital solutions based on data management for the biotechnology sector around the world.

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