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The e-Health Centre has announced the launch of a new campaign promoting solutions available through the Patient’s Internet Account (IKP). The campaign is to support the popularisation of e-Health services. The spots have been broadcast since the beginning of October on Polsat, TVN and TVP television stations. The campaign is also conducted in selected radio stations and online.

„Patient’s online account. And easily, and comfortably, and safely … IKP”

This year’s IKP campaign is a continuation of the education and information activities of 2019. This year, the promotion is mainly focused on the promotion of e-referrals and e-visits. The campaign is intended to encourage Poles to use the IKP and health services available online.

Agnieszka Kister, director of the e-Health Centre also informed that new functionalities have appeared in the IKP. Namely, in addition to the already existing information about the result of the coronavirus test, information about staying in quarantine or in home isolation was added.

The same authors of the campaign

As part of this year’s IKP campaign, two spots were prepared, aimed at audiences of different ages. The first spot, entitled “Birthday”, is addressed to the group of people aged 25+, and the second one, entitled “Bicycle”, is addressed to seniors. The campaign may have an even greater impact on the popularisation of telemedicine, which is gaining in importance during the pandemic.

Xawery Zulawski and Cezary Zielinski, director and screenwriter respectively, are the creators of this year’s campaign, as in 2019. The production of the spots was carried out by the Orient Film studio, according to the e-Health Centre annoucment.

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