New Rapid Epidemiological Response Laboratory BSL-3…in Wroclaw

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PLN 3.8m of State Treasury Bonds – this is how much the Government will allocate for the reconstruction of the laboratory in the area of the Lukasiewicz – PORT scientific complex in Wroclaw. The reconstruction works are to last about 1.5 years. As a result, a Rapid Epidemiological Response Laboratory will be established there.

New laboratory in Wroclaw

Wojciech Murdzek, Minister of Science and Higher Education, handed over the decision to finance the launch of the BSL-3 Rapid Epidemiological Response Laboratory in the capital of Lower Silesia. The new laboratory will be a key element of the Centre for Population Diagnostics launched in Wroclaw by Lukasiewicz – PORT.

It will be the first such advanced laboratory in western Poland, and at the same time one of only a few in Poland. The Ministry decided to allocate PLN 3.8m for this purpose. Thanks to the donated funds the laboratory will be adapted to work with pathogens of different risk groups. In the case of BSL-3, these are biological factors which can cause severe diseases and which can be treated.

Lukasiewicz Research Network – PORT (Polish Centre for Technological Development)

Lukasiewicz – PORT is part of the Lukasiewicz Research Network. Its activities are based on the development of new technologies for the industry. At the same time, the centre’s research activity focuses on materials engineering and biotechnology. The Institute supports the development of Polish companies and start-ups, such as XTPL or SensDx. It also cooperates with international corporations, such as Roche, Pfizer, Amgen or LG Electronics.

According to the Ministry, Lukasiewicz’s research network is the third largest in Europe. The institutes belonging to it have actively joined the fight against the effects of the pandemic. These activities are carried out under the common name of #ScienceShield. At various stages of advancement, there are currently several research and engineering projects.

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